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tutorial movies

Our tutorial movies are designed to guide you step by step through learning different aspects of our AgentSheets software. Multiple versions are availabe for the Mac and Windows platforms as well as high and low resolution.

Getting Started

How can I build an AgentSheets simulation from scratch? Learn how to define looks and behaviors of agents by following the step-by-step description of the creation of the Virus Attack simulation.

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Exploring the Language

How can I learn what the language employed by AgentSheets does? Explore the Visual AgenTalk language using "Tactile Programming", AgentSheets' exploratory style of programming.

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Publishing Simulations on the Web

How can I put my simulation on the Web so that other people can see it? Learn how you can publish your AgentSheets Simulations on the Web, by turning them into a Java Applet using the RistrettoTM generator and embedding them in a web page.

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Adding Simulation Properties

How can I graph data from my simulation? Learn how to use Simulation Properties which provide a way to keep track of numbers (e.g. the total number of sick people in the Virus Attack simulation). When an AgentSheets simulation is turned into a JavaBean, Simulation Properties can be used to connect it to other components, such as a grapher for plotting the total number of sick people over time (i.e. the rate at which the virus spreads)

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Getting Help

How can I get more help with the AgentSheets environment? Learn how to get information about various components of AgentSheets (language pieces, agents, worksheets etc.) using the Explain Button and Web Help.

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