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"My 6th graders were bummed out that class was over and they ran out of time using AgentSheets. Several said they were going down to the counseling office to put computers as their first elective choice now."
Greg Peters
Applied Tech, Computer, Woodworking, Monarch K-8


"AgentSheets is one of the most popular things we do at Centennial Middle. All 6th graders are introduced to AgentSheets and many kids of all grades come to the Computer Club just to build AgentSheets Games".
Burke Taft, Technology Teacher
Centennial Middle School

"That's awesome. Zach is *really* loving the s/w, as am I. A year ago the boy could barely read. And now he's doing OOP--I love that. He makes a game, we play it, we change the behaviors, and we play more. Totally fun. Hugely powerful too. Well done! Thanks so much."
D.B., father of middle school
student in Boulder


"I manually played with Maruyama’s model using different initial configurations many years ago and has always wanted to computerize the exercise for wider dissemination. But until the advent of the Internet and the recent publication of AgentSheets (a visual interactive simulation program), this dream has remained elusive.
K.K. Fung
Economics Department, University of Memphis
Read about Dr. Fung's experiment in The Significance of Initial Conditions in Simulations


"The [4th and 5th grade students from Heatherwood Elementary School] really enjoyed learning how to program using AgentSheets software. I was impressed at how quickly the students were able to create their own games. They came up with original programming ideas and used AgentSheets to make their games function after just a few sessions of learning to use the software. Several of the students grasped very complex programming ideas after using AgentSheets to construct their games.
All of the students who participated, learned valuable concepts and procedures that will be useful to them in the future. Each student came away with a new understanding of how computer instructions operate and the role of programmers in designing computer game behavior."
Jill Maxwell
Talented and Gifted Educational Advisor
Heatherwood Elementary School, Boulder, CO


"I thought you'd like to know that we found your AgentSheets’ simbuilder to be the best of its type we've seen -- very clear and intuitive interface."
Wendy J. Wibbens
Thinking Tools Inc.


“AgentSheets is a great tool because it eliminates the need for low-level programming.”
Franco Furger
The Institute of Public Policy
George Mason University


“The speed at which AgentSheets executes is truly astounding, and thus larger, more complex simulations are possible with AgentSheets than with Cocoa.”
Kurt Schmucker
Editor, Learning Technology Review and former Cocoa Product Manager


"The simulation projects demonstrated a level of commitment and work that was unparalled in the class. The students spent class time, as well as free time, as they learned the intricacies of the software program and crafted their simulations and web pages. In order to do so, they needed to have a level of understanding of the historical content well beyond that of "regular" type projects. Perhaps best of all, these students were able to exhibit their work to their classmates in such a way that interesting conversations were sparked about these protest topics."
John Zola
Social Studies TeacherNew Vista High School
Learn more about the New Vista projects at our Educational Showcase


“This is a powerful tool for kids and adults to program web simulations. The learning curve is fairly short and the drag and drop interface makes it fast and easy to experiment with Agent behaviors. It allows the programmer to pay attention to how Agents should look and behave, rather than focusing on details. The Behavior exchange allows you to build on the work of others and create a complex simulation quickly.”
Kids Domain



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