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Beta release for Windows Platform

December 14: AgentSheets, Inc. is proud to announce the beta release of its flag product AgentSheets for the Windows platform. This agent-based environment is the first to enable non-technical and technical users to easily create interactive, multimedia simulations and transform them into superfast Java applets. AgentSheets' easy-to-use architecture is based on three integrated components: end-user programmable agents, spreadsheets-like workspaces and Ristretto the automatic applet generator. AgentSheets is a lifelong learning tool for students, scientists, and corporate professionals.

AgentSheets Store

June 1: AgentSheets 1.4 with Ristretto for Mac, single user, LabPack as well as Network Licenses may be purchased at our online secure store. Visit:

Predicting the Future

May 12-14: Dr. Repenning presents AgentSheets at the Planetworkers conference as part of a panel with the ambitious goal of predicting the future: "Digital tools exist to help you predict the future. Normal people can use these tools to share dreams and together create deeply evocative and visually realistic simulations of many possible sustainable futures. You can immerse thousands or millions of people in designing, testing and vicariously experiencing prototype sustainable futures before we build them on Earth". Predicting the Future

Great Japan Tour

February 26 - March 7: Dr. Repenning delivers a keynote address at the Interactions 2000 conference and gives invited talks at renowned Japanese research organizations including: SONY CSL, SRA, PFU Research Center, ATR Institute, NTT Communication Science Laboratories, and the Nara Advanced Institute of Science and Technology.

Macworld EXPO

January 4-8: Presented AgentSheets at MacWorld EXPO 2000 in San Francisco. The AgentSheets booth was sponsored by Apple Computer as part of the Sci-Tech area.

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