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December 22: Surrounded by announcements regarding Microsoft's Explorer and IBM's VivaVoice the AgentSheets 1.4b3 update makes it into the prestigious Apple Hot News.

Apple Endorses AgentSheets as Java Tool

December 21: Apple Computer features AgentSheets as one of the tools "most pertinent to developing with Java on the Macintosh" on their Macintosh Java Development web pages.

Think Different

November 22: Apple Computer Inc. publishes article and video on AgentSheets. The article describes how to build a Virus Attack simulation step by step and how to extend the simulation by connecting its output to other Java beans. These simulations are developed for the connected math curriculum as part of the ESCOT project.

The Future of Kids and Programming?

October 23-25: Brian Silverman, Andy DiSessa and Alexander Repenning presented their respective programming systems (MicroWorlds, Boxer, and AgentSheets) and speculated about the future of "Kids and Programming" at the MindFest event hosted by the MIT Media Lab. Chris Hancock moderated the panel. Andri Ioannidou and Alexander Repenning held a workshop on "Make-Your-Own Interactive Web Game".

Collaboration with PFU Japan

September 8 PFU: Japan and AgentSheets Inc. have entered an agreement of collaboration. PFU is the largest company joining efforts of Panasonic and Fujitsu.

Award from National Science Foundation

September 6: AgentSheets Inc. was awarded a $400,000 Phase II grant by the National Science Foundation to commercialize the AgentSheets Behavior Exchange. The Behavior Exchange allows users to freely share and exchange agents for interactive simulations and games

GOLD BEAR Award from Kids Domain

July 2: Kids Domain, a leader in reviewing educational and entertainment software for kids has awarded the GOLD BEAR to AgentSheets: "...This is a powerful tool for kids and adults to program web simulations. The learning curve is fairly short and the drag and drop interface makes it fast and easy to experiment with Agent behaviors..."

Planning Meeting for a National Initiative on Complex Systems in K-16 Education

June 18-20: A NSF sponsored Planning Meeting joined NSF officers, researchers, and teachers from many disciplines at the MIT Endicott house to define a national initiative using technology in K-16 education. Focus of the meeting was the use of computers as means to explore, comprehend and communicate complex dynamic ideas.

Teacher Workshop at Mathforum

June 27-30 An ESCOT supported teacher workshop held at the Mathforum joined teachers, curriculum designers and developers to design interactive math content for middle school math.

Swiss Flag

AgentSheets & LEGOsheets at SwissCHI

April 29: AgentSheets is presented in Zurich, Switzerland, at the "Playing and Programming" Workshop at the SwissCHI, a special interest group of the Swiss Informaticians Society (SI) and the Swiss chapter of SIGCHI.

Germany Flag

Presentation at Fraunhofer

April 14: Dr. Alexander Repenning, CEO and president of AgentSheets Inc., is visiting IGD to talk about "End-User Programmable Agents for Interactive Simulations" at the Fraunhofer IGD, in Darmstadt, Germany.

Internet Chamber of Commerce

WebCasted presentation @ Internet Chamber of Commerce

February 24: At a webcasted Internet Chamber Live event focused on "Multimedia Information Delivery for Business and Educational Use", Dr. Repenning presents the AgentSheets software as a platform supporting Lifelong Learning.

Apple Java Technology Manager Site Visit

February 12: Apple's Java Technology Manager Alan Samuel visits AgentSheets in Boulder to see the latest demos of AgentSheets with Ristretto running on MRJ.

Macword Expo

Apple Showcases AgentSheets at Macworld Expo

January 4-8: Apple Computer Inc. invited AgentSheets Inc. and sponsored a booth at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco. AgentSheets was given the great opportunity to showcase its products as part of the Developer Central Apple exhibit.


13 Million Viewers of International Space Station Teleconference

February 25: During the International Space Station Teleconference Dr. David Klaus from the Bioserve Center showcased an AgentSheets-based simulation of E. coli bacteria in microgravity to an estimated 13 million viewers.

Cool Tool of the Day

Cool Tool of the Day

January 18: The Cool Tool of the Day web site declares AgentSheets to be an officially cool tool. They write: "we don't think it's kicks total cyberbooty. But that's the problem-- this thing is so cool, so dang groovy, that we just don't feel that we're doing it justice..."

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