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PBS Online

Ristretto applets featured at PBS

November 9: PBS Mathline showcases AgentSheets Bridge Builder Activity. The BridgeBuilder activity was built by Dr. David Burns from the ShowMe Center.


Simulated experiment of payload of Discovery Space Shuttle

November 4: AgentSheets was used to build a complex simulation of E. coli bacteria interacting with each other in micro gravity. The original experiment was payload on John Glenn's mission on Discovery Space Shuttle.

AgentSheets Beta Released

August 20: AgentSheets Inc. releases its first public Beta version of the AgentSheets software.

Applet Authoring Comes to Indian Education

July 27: Students and teachers at the Jiva Institute in India create educational Java applets using AgentSheets. In just three weeks students advanced from basic mousing skills to creating complete Java applets. See applets created, article in Computer@Home and Educational Object Economy.

Technopark Zürich Workshop

July 16: Martin Rausch from the European AgentSheets Demo and Support Center presents AgentSheets tutorial "Anwender-Programmierbare Software-Agenten" [End-User Programmable Software Agents] at the Technopark in Zürich

Presentation to Shell

June 17: On invitation from Shell International Exploration and Production AgentSheets, the Visual AgenTalk tool and the Ristretto tool were presented by the European AgentSheets Demo and Support Center to Shell IT managers from all over the world in The Hague, Netherlands. The event was organized by Royal Dutch/Shell Transport and Trading Group to bring the people that shape the company's future up to date on latest developments in areas such as global virtual teams, lifelong learning, augmented reality, IP-based services and software agents.

Online Manuals made available

March 20: AgentSheetsTM and RistrettoTM Manuals are made available at no cost. To download go to the Users Forum and select Manuals. The upcoming release of the AgentSheets environment includes documentation linking allowing users to directly jump to relevant web documentation from the AgentSheets environment.

Award from National Science Foundation

January 1: AgentSheets Inc. was awarded a $100,000 grant by the National Science Foundation to commercialize the AgentSheets Behavior Exchange. The Behavior Exchange allows users to freely share and exchange agents for interactive simulations and games.

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