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WWW Read Condition

Definition: The WWW Read command searches an entire web page specified by the URL in the URL parameter for the String specified in the first text field.

If the string is found in the web page, a number following that string is read and stored in the attribute specified by the Attribute parameter. The search string can contain wildcards (e.g., "*").

This command should only be used when you already have a live connection to the Internet. If you use this command without a live connection the AgentSheets environment will try to open a connection for you.

Speed depends on the availability of the server you are trying to access.

Parameters: string, attribute, URL
Example: In the Mountain Biking Advisor project, any of the location agents (such as the Bike-Agent, Rabbit-Mountain-Biking, or Sourdough) takes the current temperature and other weather information, such as wind speed, at the specific location by going to a live weather data Web page, such as the UCAR Weather Information web page for Rabbit Mountain, finding the string "Temperature," and storing it into the temp variable, does the same for Wind, announces the temperature, then analyzes the temperature and wind results based on some criteria and advises you what to do if you are planning on going mountain biking there.

Ristretto Information: Due to the Java applet security restrictions in some browsers, the WWW Read condition may not work in Ristretto-generated applets.

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