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Agent Attributes

Description: Agent Attributes are used to specify information about an agent. Unlike Simulation Properties, which are global to the entire simulation, Agent Attributes are local to each instance of an agent.

Users can inspect and edit the values of agent attributes properties by selecting an agent in the worksheet and choosing Tools | Agent Attributes. If the selected agent has attributes, they will show up in the Attributes Editor. The one shown below contains an agent attribute called "age" whose value is 27.

If the selected agent does not have attributes, the following message will appear in the Attributes Editor.

You can edit the value of an Agent Attribute by editing its value field. You can also use the Up and Down arrows to increase or decrease the value of a specific Agent Attribute.

You do not have to explicitly define a new Agent Attribute in the editor. You can set it by using the Set action in an agent's behavior. It is advised to use a valid name for your agent attributes.

You can map agent attributes to colors using the Map action or plot them in graph windows using the Plot to Window action or in place (in the worksheet) using the Plot Attribute action.

You can test attributes using the Is condition. For example, in the Bridge Builder project, the Brick drops down if the cell below it is empty, and the force acting on it is less than or equal to 0.3 (and therefore cannot hold it in place). The force is represented as an agent attribute called "UP", as shown in the behavior editor below.

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