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Plot Attribute Action

Definition: The Plot Attribute action plots the value of the Attribute named in the action's text field between endpoints as specified with numbers or Visual AgenTalk Formulae.

The attribute value is plotted using a color displayed in the action's left color field on a background color specified in the action's right color field.

Attribute values are plotted along the y-axis of a 2-D plot window.

Time is represented along the plot window's x-axis. As time passes, plots are marked to the right of the rightmost pixel marked during the previous time step.

This can be understood metaphorically as "advancing the plot paper" a certain distance at each time step. The number of steps the plot advances the "paper" is specified by a number or a Visual AgenTalk formula.

As the plotter drags across the plot paper rolling underneath it, time is represented as lines drawn from left to right (x-axis) while plotted values are read in a vertical direction (y-axis).

The plot window where plots are drawn replaces the agent's depiction. A plot window is as big as the agent that executes the Plot Attribute action.

Parameters: attribute, formula
Example: The Plotter agent in the Counting Pachinko simulation plots the number of balls hitting it between 0 and 100, using a green color on a black background. Each time it is hit, it advances the plotting "paper" 30 steps to simulate the effect of a bar going up every time it plots.

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