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Play Sound Action

Definition: The Play Sound action plays the sound chosen in its Sound parameter.

The predefined set of sounds that AgentSheets features in its Sound parameter can be extended with user-defined sounds.

In AgentSheets, new sound files should be provided in a .wav (WAVE audio file) format. Adding a .wav file to the Resources->Sounds->wav folder will make the sound available upon relaunching the application.

For sounds to be usable in Ristretto-generated applets, the user needs to provide the .au version of the audio file in the Resources->Sounds->au folder.

Please note that the same name, but different extensions need to be used for both .au and .wav files. For example, if you are adding the "explosion" sound file for use both within AgentSheets and in Ristretto-generated applets, "explosion.wav" needs to be added to the wav folder and "" needs to be added to the au folder.

Parameters: sound
Example: The Car agent in the Bridge Builder simulation plays an explosion sound when it drops from the bridge.

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