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Make Action

Definition: The Make action sends the message specified in the text field to the agent in the cell indicated by the Direction parameter. The dot (.) refers to the agent itself; in this case, the agent sends a message to itself.

The Make action is used in conjunction with On triggers; the receiver can react to the message via the On trigger. These triggers give names to groups of rules (methods) that can be called using the Make action.

By using Make actions and On triggers, a VAT programmer can divide the functionality of an agent in more meaningful chunks.

Parameters: direction, method name
Example 1: In the Voting Game simulation, the Voter agent sends a message to itself. It makes itself reconsider its political views by choosing a random direction around it and making itself adapt to the political views of the voter in that direction.

Example 2: In the Benchmark simulation, the Digit agent sends a message to another agent. When the Digit agent reaches 9, it changes itself to 0 and sends a message to the adjacent digit to the left to increment itself.

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