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Search Depictions on Web

Description: The Gallery | Search Depictions on Web menu option utilizes Google's image search (accessible directly at to locate relevant images on the Web.

If an agent is selected in the Gallery at the time of the selection of this search facility, the name of the agent becomes the default string to search for. If no agent is selected, a search dialog with an empty text box appears and you can type the string to search for.

In the example shown below, the Compass agent was selected in the Gallery, therefore the text "compass" appears in the text box.

To cancel the search for images on the Web, click the Cancel button. To continue searching for images, click the OK button. A broswer will be launched, if one is not already running, and Google will perform the search you have specified. For the search for "compass" the results are shown below.

Once you find an image that you would like to use in your simulation, you can download the image file it to your disk and then use the Depiction Editor | Import Image menu option to incorporate the downloaded image in your simulation.

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