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Run Duplication Script

Description: The Gallery | Run Duplication Script menu option allows you to create new depictions for the agent currently selected in the gallery, using predetermined transformation scripts. The script choices are described below.

Full Connectivity

Connectivity indicators designate input and output directions for a given agent depiction. Such indicators are useful when making simulations that involve some sort of flow, such as cars driving on roads, water flowing in a river, and electricity flowing through wires. Running a Full Connectivity script on an agent depiction will perform a number of transformations on the depiction in an attempt to create pieces that can be connected to form paths in the primary directions of North, South, East, and West.

In performing these transformations, connectivity indicators of flow are generated for the new agent depictions as well. These new connectivity indicators reflect the transformations used to generate the new depictions. The automatically generated names for the new depictions also indicate connectivity.

Full Connectivity scripts serve their purpose most effectively when run on fairly regular and symmetric original path depictions. Once a Full Connectivity script is run on a selected agent, the newly created agents will appear in the gallery as shown below for the Street agent.

Make sure you define the base agent's connectivity using the Gallery | Edit Connectivity menu option before running this script.

4 Rotation

4 Rotation starts with an original depiction and performs three 90 degree rotations on it, generating a new depiction after each rotation, to end up with 4 images, including the original. This duplication script works well on images that have an easily recognizable front and back.

Once the 4 Rotation script is selected, the newly created depictions appear in the gallery as shown below for the Auto agent.


The Flipper script performs a number of flips of the original image about the x and the y axes. This script works best for depictions that are located mostly in one quadrant of the a cell.

Once the Flipper script is selected, the newly created depictions appear in the gallery, as shown below for the Figure agent.

    Power User Shortcut

    A duplication script can be run on a depiction by right-clicking on the depiction in the gallery. This will show the following pop-up menu, from which you can select the Run Duplication Script menu option and then choose the script you wish to apply to the selected depiction.

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