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Edit Connectivity

Description: The Gallery | Edit Connectivity menu option allows you to modify the connectivity of an agent. The concept of connectivity is useful in simulations that utilize flow. Connectivity patterns facilitate the drawing of icons in worksheets as well as making use of commands associated with connectivity, such as the On Top Of condition, when programming flow between agents. Below is an example of a connectivity editor from the Sustainopolis simulation.

Define the input and output ports of the currently selected agent by clicking the gray area north, south, east, or west of depiction. Click to cycle through input, output, both, and none until you find the desired connectivity mode.

Click Done when you are done editing to save the changes to the agent's connectivity. Click Cancel to cancel editing the agent's connectivity and discard changes.

    Power User Shortcut

    A depiction's connectivity can be edited by right-clicking on the depiction in the gallery. This will show the following pop-up menu, from which you can select the Edit Connectivity menu option.

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