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Submit to Arcade...

This is the File menu from Agentsheets.


The File Menu | Submit to Arcade... menu option generates an archive (Zip file) of the current project (simulation or game) ready to be uploaded to the Scalable Game Design Arcade and shared with others.

Once you choose to submit the project to the Arcade, the system will create an archive (zip file) containing:

  • your project folder: the system includes the existing project folder with all its contents in the archive so that people have access to your project's source code. Before using the Submit to Arcade... option, please make sure it does not contain things you do not want uploaded to the Scalable Game Design Arcade and shared with other people.

  • a project screenshot: by default the system creates a screenshot of the currently open worksheet to be used as a picture for your arcade entry. Please make sure there is a worksheet open before running Submit to Arcade.... If there is no worksheet open, you will get a warning:

  • a Java applet: the system generates a Java applet out of your project to include in the arcade archive file. You will be prompted with the Ristretto Wizard to provide a name for the generated Web page in which your applet will be embedded and a description of your project that will be included in the applet Web page.

    You can choose to change the destination of the archive file by clicking on the Choose File button and specifying a new location in the file dialog that appears.

    You can also change settings for how your project will appear as an applet by using the Applet Options... button and specifying the Ristretto preferences.

    When you click Start, the Ristretto generator runs and creates an applet that then gets incorporated into the arcade archive file.

The resulting Arcade archive file (shown on the left for the Frogger project) will then appear at the location you specified.

At the end of the creation process, the system will ask you to submit your project to the Arcade.

If you choose to submit, the Scalable Game Design Arcade submission page will appear in your browser. If you choose not to submit, you can later go to the arcade yourself and submit your archive.

If you do not already have a user account, you can easily create one at the main Arcade web page. Assuming you are logged in and ready to upload, the submission form will appear. Fill out the form with the title of your game, a short description, and the arcade file you just created, as shown in the example form below with the submission details for Frogger.

Click the Upload button to submit your game. Upon successful submission, you will get a message confirming that your game or simulations has been accepted and when you return to the Open Arcade, you will see your submission as one of the entries there.

You can also get up-to-date information on how to upload to the Arcade from the Upload Tutorial.

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