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This is the File menu from Agentsheets.


The File Menu | Ristretto... menu option generates a standalone Java applet of the currently active project and embeds it in a web page, ready to be published on the Web.

You can also invoke Ristretto by pressing on the Ristretto button in the Toolbar.

Once Ristretto is invoked, you are asked to specify a location and a name for your Java applet, in a dialog like the one shown below.

The default location for storing the generated applet is the Desktop and the default name is the project's name followed by "Applet".

For customizing how your applet appears in the Web browser, use the More Options... button, to specify the Ristretto preferences you would like to use for your applet generation.

Click Cancel if you wish to cancel the creation of the applet. Otherwise, click OK to continue with the applet generation. While this takes place, a status window (shown below) appears, keeping your informed about the progress of the Ristretto process.

When Ristretto is finished, the complete applet folder appears at the specified location. It contains an index.html file with the Java applet embedded in it and the readme.html as well as any other documentation material, if any were available in the project's folder.

To see the generated applet, double click on the index.html file. A browser will be launched, if one is not already running and the applet will be loaded.

You can then run your simulation in the browser by clicking the Run button.

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