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Open Project...


The File | Open Project... menu option opens an existing AgentSheets project. An Open Project dialog box that lists projects in the AgentSheets Projects folder will appear as shown below. Select the folder of the AgentSheets project you wish to open and click the Open button.

Once you have opened a project, the project's gallery will open. Any other windows, such as worksheets, behavior editors, and palettes, will also open if they were open at the time the project was closed. This gives you the ability to control how your project will look like the next time somebody opens it.

An example AgentSheets project is shown in the figure below, which contains 1) the gallery 2) a worksheet 3) a behavior editor for defining agent behaviors 4) a conditions palette and 5) an actions palette. An open project can also contain documentation for the design and use of the project. It can also have simulation properties and agent attributes and create plots out of those attributes and properties.

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