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Import Agents

This is the File menu from Agentsheets.

Description: The File Menu | Import Agents... menu option enables users to import a single or multiple agents from another project into the currently active project.

Once you select Import Agents..., you are asked to choose a project from which you want to import agents in a dialog like the one shown below.

Click Cancel if you wish to cancel importing agents. Otherwise, select the project from which you want to import agents and click Import to continue.

Once you select the source project, the agents it contains that are available for import appear in a dialog (shown below).

Select the agent or multiple agents you wish to import into your project (as shown above) and click Import.

Unless you have agents in the currently active project that have the same names as the ones you are importing, the selected agents appear in your current gallery.

Agents are resized appropriately (shrink or enlarge) to match the size of the agents in the currently active project.

You can use the imported agents as they are or modify their behavior to suit the needs of your current project.

Please note that you will be alerted when an agent you are importing refers to depictions of agents that are not present in your current project. In such a case, the behavior editor of the imported agent opens and you should fix the problematic behavior by replacing the references to the missing agent depictions (shown as a generic grayed out depiction) with agents present in your gallery.

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