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This is the File menu from Agentsheets.

Description: The File | Close menu option closes the active window (the selected window, which is in the foreground of your screen). The active window can be any type of window, such as a gallery, a worksheet, a behavior editor, or a simulation properties editor. For example, choosing File | Close when a worksheet is active will close that worksheet. Choosing File | Close when the gallery is active will close that gallery. You can also close any type of window by double clicking the upper left close-box on the window.

If, for example, you attempt to close a worksheet window that has been changed since it was last saved, you will see the alert box shown below.

If you would like to close the window without saving the changes that were made since last saving the worksheet, click No. The window will be closed, but changes will not be saved.

If you no longer wish to close the window, click the Cancel button to return back to the worksheet.

If you would like to save all changes made to the window (thereby replacing the previously saved versions of the window), click Yes.

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