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Project Designs


AgentSheets provides integration with online design documents, including lesson plans in some cases, that can be used with simulations and games both in formal and informal educational settings as well as for the casual user in the form of suggested activities on how to use the given simulation or game.

The Designs button on the Toolbar allows easy one-click access to activities and background material that have been created for a given project. If no project has been opened, the design button will link to an index of all designs that currently exist.

The designs reside on the Scalable Game Design wiki. These designs can include background information, suggested activities, lesson plans, links to educational standards and, in some cases, support material for grading.

If a project is currently open in AgentSheets, the link leads to the design for the project that shares the same name as the currently opened project. For instance, if the "Frogger" project is open, the "Frogger Design" link appears. This leads to the existing design page for Frogger as shown below.

Among other things, this Frogger design page includes links to step by step tutorials and videos for building the Frogger game as well as prerequisite skills for building Frogger, objectives of the activity, the computational thinking patterns it uses, and the educational technology standards this activity covers.

If no such design exists for the currently open project, you will have the opportunity to create one on the wiki. The design button will link to a new wiki page, as shown below for a new project called "My new cool game". There, you will be able to begin a collaborative design wiki page for the given project by clicking on "edit this page" (#1 in picture below). Our Scalable Game Design wiki does not support anonymous editing. Please make sure you log in if you already have an account or create a new account on our wiki (#2 in picture below).

If your project has the same name as one with an existing design, and you want a separate design to be linked to that, you can change the name of your project to something unique. You can do this in the Finder (on a Mac) or the Windows Explorer (on a PC) by simply renaming the project folder when your project is closed. Your project folder resides at the default location for projects (the Desktop) or the location you chose to save it at the time you were creating the project.

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