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Color Chooser

This is the File menu from Agentsheets.

Description: The depiction editor's Color | Color Chooser menu option allows you to select colors to be used in creating your depictions. The following Choose Color dialog appears

You can select the color you would like to use in drawing your depiction by clicking on it and click OK. If you wish to cancel the color selection and close the color chooser, click Cancel. If you wish to reset the color selection and revert to the original color, without closing the color chooser, click Reset.

You can currently use three types of color choosers: the swatches (shown above), the HSB, or the RGB color choosers (shown below).

With the HSB color chooser, you can specify a color using Hue, Saturation and Brightness values.

With the RGB color chooser, you can specify a color in the color cube using Red, Green, and Blue values. See the explanation of the color cube in the Map command.

You can also choose a color from the default color palette, located below the menus in the depiction editor, without using the Choose Color dialog.

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