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Depiction Editor Camera Image Capture ( Mac Only)


Click on the Depiction Editor's Camera button and you will get the built-in interface for capturing pictures using your computer's camera, as shown below. Clicking on the Camera button again will countdown and take a picture of you - or whatever else is in front of the camera at the time.


Once you have a image you would like to use, you can use the interface and tools provided to center it and resize it the way you want it. The interface also provides effects you can apply to your picture, by clicking on the Effects button . A list of available effects will pop up and you can select one, if you would like to use it.


Once the image is the way you like, click on the Set button to commit it as a depiction of the agent in the Depiction Editor. Click the Done button and the image is now your agent's new depiction, as shown below for the "Me" agent.


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