Worksheet Tools


AgentSheets worksheets come equipped with a toolbar along the left side of the window. The tools are described below.
The Arrow Tool
The Arrow Tool drags agents around within a worksheet. To move an agent, click and hold on the agent and move the mouse to the desired location. Once you release, the new agent is in the designated place in the worksheet. Use the Arrow Tool to double-click on agents in the worksheet to open their Behavior Editors.
The Pencil Tool
The Pencil Tool adds agents to a worksheet. To use the Pencil Tool, select an agent in the gallery and, in the worksheet, click where you would like the selected agent to be placed.
The Eraser Tool
The Eraser Tool erases instances of an agent in the worksheet. Click on an agent with the Eraser Tool to make the agent disappear.
The Hand Tool
The Hand Tool shows a list of all the agents at a location. To use the Hand Tool, select it from the toolbar and click on a location in the worksheet.

The following list is an example of using the Hand Tool on a Track agent in the Sustainopolis simulation:

Click the OK button to return to the worksheet.

Note that agents can be programmed to respond to the Hand Tool using the Tool trigger found in the Tools | Triggers Palette. If it is not specifically programmed, the Hand Tool performs the function described above.
The Hammer Tool
The Hammer Tool is user-defined. Agents can be programmed to respond to the Hammer Tool using the Tool trigger found in the Tools | Triggers Palette.
The Draw Rectangle Tool
The Draw Rectangle Tool places multiple agents in a worksheet. Like the Pencil Tool, the Draw Rectangle Tool requires that an agent in the current gallery be selected. The Draw Rectangle Tool creates a box that expands as a user clicks and drags within a worksheet. Once the mouse is released, the designated rectangular area is filled with instances of the selected agent.
The Question Mark Tool
The Question Mark Tool provides windows that list attributes names and values. To use the tool, click an agent in the worksheet. You will see an attribute window similar to the one shown below. The example is the result of clicking an Auto agent in the Sustainopolis simulation using the Question Mark Tool and shows the current value of the Auto's Pollution attribute.

Click OK or Cancel to return to the worksheet.

If you click on an agent with no attributes, an alert box will appear to inform you that the agent has no attributes. Click OK to return to the worksheet.

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