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The Web | Upload Agent menu option allows you to upload the currently selected agent in the gallery to the Behavior Exchange. If you have created agents you wish to share with the rest of the AgentSheets community, select the agent in the gallery and use this option to upload the agent. A Behavior Exchange Login dialog box, like the one shown below, will appear.

In the current version of the Behavior Exchange, you need to identify yourself with a login and password. To register with the Behavior Exchange and obtain a login and password, please go to the Behavior Exchange web page and follow the "Registration" link.

Your Behavior Exchange login and password can be saved by checking the Save Login and Password checkbox. If you check it and later decide that you do not wish to have this information remembered, select the Web | Forget Password menu option.

If you do not have a login and password or if you enter the wrong login and password and click OK, you will see the alert box shown below.

To return to AgentSheets without going to the Behavior Exchange website, click either the Don't Register button or the Cancel button. To register for the Behavior Exchange, click the Register button and you will be connected to the Registration website shown below, which will guide you through the registration process.

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