Start Speech Recognition

Description: The Start Speech Recognition menu option can be used to start the speech recognition capabilities of AgentSheets. This only works if the the Apple Speech Recognition is installed on your machine. When this menu item is selected and you have the Apple Speech Recognition installed, a window similar to the one shown below appears.

In this case, the settings indicate that the phrase "Agent" needs to be spoken before each voice command. You can change these settings in the Listening option of the Speech control panel (shown below).

In our case above, the Buster character (the little robot) is selected. You can also change your choice of 'character' in the Feedback option of the Speech control panel.

Using the Hear command, you can have voice-triggered actions for your simulation. As shown in the example below from the Mojo simulation, if the word "biking" is spoken and the text "temp" and "wind" is found on the specified web pages (in the WWW Read condition), the Bike-Agent will convert the temperature read from the web page to degrees Celcius, speak the temperature using speech synthesis (Say action) and perform some analysis on the temperature and wind values.

If there are voice triggers already defined (e.g. the "biking" speech command mentioned above), a speak window containing all the available voice triggers appears. The speak window for the Mojo project is shown below (left). This serves as a reminder of what voice commands are available in the current simulation. Moreover, the speak window can be clicked using the mouse instead of speaking (shown below, right), which is useful in speech recognition unfriendly environments or in the absence of a microphone.

Speech recognition works both when the simulation is running and when the simulation is stopped.

If the Apple Speech Recognition is not installed on your machine, a warning message appears. You can download the Apple Speech Recognition software from Apple's speech Web site.

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