The Gallery | Views menu option allows you to toggle between the End User View and a Designer View of the gallery and to define a set of depictions in the gallery to be end-user depictions.

When viewing a gallery in end-user view, you cannot create new agents or edit the ones that already exist. Any creating and or editing of agent depictions must take place when the gallery is displayed in the designer view. By default, a new gallery is presented in the designer view so you can quickly create new agents for it. However, once an end-user view has been defined and saved (see below for details), a project will automatically open the gallery in the end-user view.

Define End-User Depictions

The Gallery | Views | Define End-User Depictions option allows you to define and modify the set of agents visible in the end-user view of the gallery. Using this option, you can hide certain agents from the users of your simulation. You may want to hide all but the base, non-dependent agents.

If the gallery is not already in the designer view, choose Gallery | Views | Designer View to change it. First highlight all the agent depictions that you want to be visible from an end-user's point of view and choose Gallery | Views | Define End-User Depictions. To see the end-user view with the depictions you selected, choose Gallery | Views | End User View.

HINT: You can highlight multiple agent depictions by dragging from a point to the side of them to create a bounding box that then highlights all agent depictions within it once the mouse button is released. If this doesn't allow you to highlight all the agent depictions you want, you can Shift-click on any unhighlighted depiction to add it to the list of selected agent depictions .

Select End-User Depictions

The Gallery | Views | Select End-User Depictions option highlights all the end-user agent depictions in the gallery. This is a useful feature when you need to edit the set of end-user depictions. The gallery must currently be displayed in the designer view to use Select End-User Depictions.

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