New Depiction


The Gallery | New Depiction... menu option copies an agent's depictions and allows you to edit it and change it as you wish. An agent can have multiple looks. For example, in the Virus Attack, a person needs to have a healthy and a sick look (See the Getting Started manual for more information on the Virus Attack simulation). To create multiple looks, choose the base agent in the gallery and use Gallery | New Depiction.... A dialog box, like the one shown below, prompts you to name the new depiction.

To cancel the creation of a new agent depiction, click the Cancel button. To continue creating a new depiction, type in a valid name and click the OK button. The new agent depiction will appear in the gallery, linked to the original depiction with a gray arrow, as shown below. You can use the depiction editor to alter the new look of the agent.

Please note that you are not creating a new agent, but a new depiction, that is a new look, for your base agent. Therefore, the new depiction will have the same behavior as the original agent.

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