Import Depiction

Description: The Gallery | Import Depiction menu option enables you to import images from files in GIF, JPEG, PNG, Photoshop PSD, PICT, and BMP formats.

Select the depiction you wish to define or replace with the imported depiction in the Gallery. In the example below, the "Compass" agent depiction is selected.

Once you select a depiction, choose the file format of the image you wish to import from the Import Depiction menu option. A dialog like the one shown below will appear.

To cancel the image import, click Cancel. Otherwise, navigate to the folder on your machine that the image to be imported resides, locate the file and click Open. As a result, the image will be imported and will appear in the Gallery (shown below). Please note that the imported image will be resized to fit the current agent size.

The Import Depiction menu option can be used in conjunction with the Gallery | Search Depictions on Web option to import images found on the Web.

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