Grab Screen Any Size

Description: The Gallery | Grab Screen Any Size menu option allows you to grab a screen of any size to be an agent depiction. The AgentSheets environment will automatically scale the screen snap to the designated size for your agents.

Choose Gallery | Grab Screen Any Size and notice that your cursor has a small rectangle under it. To begin grabbing a screen, position the cursor at the upper left corner of the screen to be grabbed, click and hold the mouse button, and drag the mouse until the grabbing box covers the portion of the screen you want to grab. When you let go of the mouse, the portion of the screen within the grabbing box becomes the new depiction for your designated agent. Make sure you outline a relatively square area if your agents have symmetrical height and width.

If you are running AgentSheets under MacOS X, the grab screen functionality does not work. As an alternative, you can use the Gallery | Import Depiction to import images from files created in third-party drawing tools.

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