Grab Again

Description: The Gallery | Grab Again menu option grabs the last screen that you grabbed using either the Gallery | Grab Screen 1:1 or the Gallery | Grab Screen Any Size options. This screen will become the new depiction for the agent selected in the gallery.

The Gallery | Grab Again menu option is a helpful feature if you use a dynamic picture source such as a live camera. You might want to grab different images at different moments to create a number of depictions representing your agent's state. For instance, you could use facial expressions of a person to represent different states of an agent or you could grab a 3D model using a QuickDraw 3D viewer as the source of multiple representations.

If you are running AgentSheets under MacOS X, the grab screen functionality does not work. As an alternative, you can use the Gallery | Import Depiction to import images from files created in third-party drawing tools.

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