Duplicate Depiction

Description: The Gallery | Duplicate Depiction menu option allows you to transform agent depictions by flipping them, rotating them, and manipulating them in more complicated ways (described below).

To transform a depiction, select it in the gallery and then choose a transformation from the Gallery | Duplicate Depiction menu option. You will see the following dialog box prompting you to change the name of the duplicate agent (the original agent selected for this example was called "Joe").

To cancel the transformation of an agent depiction, click the Cancel button. To continue transforming the depiction, type in a valid name and click OK button. The transformed agent depiction will appear in the gallery, linked to the original depiction with a gray arrow.

Please note that you are not creating a new agent, but a new depiction, that is a new look, for your base agent. Therefore, the transformed depiction will have the same behavior as the original agent.

The transformation options are:

  • Same... duplicates the depiction with no transformation.
  • Flip Vertical... flips the depiction vertically.
  • Flip Horizontal... flips the depiction horizontally.
  • Flip Both Ways... flips the depiction both vertically and horizontally.
  • Rotate 90... rotates the depiction right 90 degrees.
  • Rotate 180... rotates the depiction right 180 degrees.
  • Rotate 270... rotates the depiction right 270 degrees.
  • Buckle Down Right... bends the depiction right hand side sharply by 90 degrees.
  • Bend Down Right... bends the depiction right hand side softly by 90 degrees.
  • Fork Right... forks the depiction right hand side: bends one copy 90 up and another copy 90 degrees down.
  • Cross... crosses the depiction with a 90 degree rotated copy.

These transformations work on any depiction. Interesting and even grotesque depictions can be formed by transforming realistic or abstract original depictions. You can also achieve interesting effects by transforming transformations.

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