Gallery Menu

Description: The Gallery Menu is used to create and edit the appearance, behavior, and connectivity of agents, and to determine whether the current gallery will be seen in the designer view or end-user view.

If no agents are highlighted in a gallery, then most of the items in the Gallery Menu will not be enabled. If a gallery is active but no agent is highlighted, only New Agent..., Search Depictions on Web and Views will be selectable menu items. Also, if the simulation is in End User View, only the Views option is available. If you use the Views option to switch the view to Designer View and then select an agent from the gallery, you will see that all of the Gallery Menu options become enabled.

The Gallery Menu includes the following options:

New Agent...
Edit Depiction
Edit Behavior
Edit Connectivity
New Depiction...
Search Depictions on Web
Import Depiction
Duplicate Depiction
Run Duplication Script
Mask Color
Grab Screen 1:1
Grab Screen Any Size
Grab Again

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