This is the File menu from Agentsheets.

Description: The File | Quit menu option exits the AgentSheets application. The alert box shown below will appear.

To cancel exiting and return to AgentSheets, click the Cancel button. To continue exiting the program, click the OK button.

If no changes have been made since the opened windows were last saved, AgentSheets will be closed. If there have been changes since any of the windows were last saved, an alert box like the one shown below for a worksheet will appear.

To cancel the exiting process and return to the AgentSheets program, click the Cancel button.

To delete all changes made to the current worksheet since it was last saved, click the Don't Save button. The changes made to the worksheet will not be saved and you will exit AgentSheets. The worksheet will remain as it was when last saved.

To save all changes made to the current worksheet and replace the older version of the worksheet, click the Save button.

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