Open Project...

Description: The File | Open Project... menu option opens an existing AgentSheets project. A Choose Project Folder dialog box that lists projects in the AgentSheets Projects folder will appear as shown below. Select the folder of the AgentSheets project you wish to open and click the Choose button. Do not click the Open button for opening projects. You use it to navigate anywhere on your hard drive to locate a folder outside the AgentSheets Projects folder.

There are three ways to open a project:

  • Select the File | Open Project... menu option (described above).
  • Double click on a worksheet or gallery file in the AgentSheets Project Folder in the Finder.
  • Drag a project folder onto the AgentSheets application in the Finder.

Once you have performed one of the above methods of opening a project, the project's gallery and worksheets (if any) will open. If a "readme" file with information on the project exists, an alert box (shown below) will appear.

Click OK to open the file in a browser (a browser will be automatically opened) or click Cancel to skip the readme file and go directly to the selected AgentSheets project.

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