New Project...

Description: The File | New Project... menu option creates a new project. An AgentSheets project is a collection of gallery, worksheet, behavior and simulation properties files, saved in a folder.

When you choose to create a new project, a dialog box like the one shown below will appear, informing you that your project will be stored in a folder.

An alert box that says your project will be stored in a folder

Click on the OK button. You will see a dialog box like the one shown below.

A dialog box in which users enter the desired name of their new project

The default location for saving newly-created projects is the "Projects" folder in the AgentSheets application folder. Click Create to create your new project in the default location. If you wish to save it elsewhere, from this dialog box, you can navigate to find a new location or create a new folder in which to store your project.

To create a new folder, click the New (folder) button and the following New Folder dialog box will appear.

To go back to the Create Folder dialog box, click Cancel. To create a new folder, type in a name and click Create.

Once a new folder has been created, the Create Folder dialog box will appear, which now has opened the folder that was just named and created (see "untitled folder" in the dialog box below).

From this dialog box, you can cancel the creation of a new project by clicking the Cancel button. Otherwise, choose the name of your new project and click the Create button.

Now that the new project's name and location have been chosen, you will see a Define Agent Size dialog box like the one shown below. This box is used to determine the size of the agents that will inhabit your new simulation. The default agent size is 32 x 32 pixels.

A dialog box where users enter the desired size of the agents in a project.

If you click on the Agent Size menu in the dialog box and hold down the mouse button, an extended list of options for possible agent sizes will appear as shown below.

The default agent size is 32x32 pixels, the same size as desktop icons. However, different projects require different-sized agents. If your agents are going to have bodies and faces that are discernible, larger sizes will make it easier to see such features. For agents that are more blob-like, with less detailed features, smaller agent sizes can be used. The number of agents in your simulation is another consideration when choosing the agent size. If you are planning on having many agents in a worksheet, a smaller agent size would be more appropriate. Decisions like these are left to the user and are project-dependent. Please note that once an agent size has been determined, it cannot be changed.

It is also possible to specify your own agent size by choosing Custom... from the Agent Size menu. If Custom... is chosen from the menu, the Height and Width fields need to be set manually by the user. Otherwise, these fields will be set automatically according to the predefined sizes of the menu.

After the agent size is determined, click OK and an empty Gallery: window will appear as shown below.

To place agents in the gallery, you will use commands from the Gallery Menu. The items in the Gallery Menu will become selectable when the gallery has appeared on the screen.

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