Load Background...


The File | Load Background... menu option creates a worksheet background using an existing image file. A worksheet needs to be active for this option to be enabled in the File menu. The following dialog box will appear:

You can navigate around the hard drive to find the desired image file. If you would like to see previews of the files as you are navigating, be sure that the Show Preview box is checked. If the box is checked and there is no preview for a selected file, you can click the Create button and a preview will be generated (when a preview is displayed, the Create button is disabled).

It is a good practice to keep the background images files in the project folder that uses them. This way, if you wish to transfer your project to another location, computer, or removable disk, all the information will go along with the project.

Please note that AgentSheets can recognize PICT, JPEG, or GIF file formats, but requires background image files to be PICT files in order to load them. If the selected background image file is a GIF file (as is the highlighted file "Boulder Canyon.gif" in the above dialog box), click the Convert... button and AgentSheets will convert the image to a PICT file. A dialog box like the one shown below will prompt you to name and save the converted PICT file.

Type in the desired name, navigate to the desired folder location, and click Save.

It is important to note that, while AgentSheets recognizes GIF, PICT, and JPEG file types for background images, Ristretto-generated applets can only load GIF files. If you intend to create a Java applet from your AgentSheets simulation, it is best to start with a GIF background image and use AgentSheets to convert the image to a PICT format so that both file types are available.

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