Depiction Editor


The depiction editor allows you to easily draw and edit your own agent icons. The depiction editor comes equipped with a toolbar along the left side of the editor with standard drawing tools, which are described below.

The Arrow Tool
The Arrow Tool drags pixels of the displayed depiction within the depiction editor.

The Pencil Tool
The Pencil Tool draws pixels in the editor with the color currently selected in the Ink Color Palette (see below).

The Eraser Tool
The Eraser Tool erases parts of a depiction. You can use this tool by clicking on pixels one at a time or by holding down the mouse and dragging the eraser around the screen. The eraser only erases pixels within the confines of the depiction editor.

The Fill Tool
The Fill Tool fills in any closed region of a depiction with the color selected in the Ink Color Palette.

The Color-Picker Tool
The Color-Picker Tool samples from colors in the depiction. Click with the Color-Picker on any pixel of the depiction. The color of that pixel will appear as the selected color in the Ink Color Palette and will be used as the current drawing color.

The Draw Rectangle Tool
The Draw Rectangle Tool fills a rectangular region with the color currently selected in the Ink Color Palette. Choose the Draw Rectangle Tool from the toolbar and define a rectangular area to be filled by clicking and holding the mouse button while dragging the mouse. The region will be filled by the designated color once the mouse button is released.

The Question Mark Tool
The Question Mark Tool provides the red, green, and blue (RGB) values for a selected pixel. Clicking on a blue-colored pixel will bring up an information box similar to the one shown below.

The Ink Color Palette
The Ink Color Palette provides a choice of colors with which to draw agent depictions. Expand the palette by clicking and holding the mouse on the color palette, as shown below.

When the cursor changes to a Color-Picker, drag it over any color within the palette to set the currently selected drawing color. You can also drag the Color-Picker anywhere on the screen (even outside of the depiction editor) to pick a color.

The Transparent Color Checkbox
The Transparent checkbox is used to mix colors. When the box is checked, the drawing tools (Pencil and Draw Rectangle) will mix the currently selected drawing color with the color already placed within the target area.

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