The story of Jung Lee, the prison warden and owner of the local slaughter house

By Jesse Reim


Jung Foo Lee was born in Japan sometime before World War II, in a small village on the outskirts of Hong Kong. He lived a simple life as a farmer, until one day he was drafted to fight in WWII. Jung Lee started as a low ranking officer, but soon be became a somewhat high ranking general. Eventually, his job was to torture prisoners for important information regarding his enemy's tactics. This was a great job for Lee, because his father taught him to be cold and heartless by beating his mother, brothers, sisters and Jung. This assignment brought out a lot of suppressed anger, and Lee never hesitated to let his rage out on his prisoners. In fact, whenever Jung started his sadistic deeds on the prisoners, it would bring back intense flashbacks of Jungs childhood, and he would go crazy every time. He would remember the memories of his father taking a bamboo cane, and hitting his sisters with cruel and punishing strokes. Then the father would repeat the same action with Jung, and his mother. Only this time the father would aim for the back of the head.

One of Jung's victims was a captured general from Germany. General Frotrzkoph. The General was captured behind enemy lines, and it was Lee's pleasure in life to beat the sweet stuffings out of this poor soul, because that was the only way Jung could release his anger towards his father. Every single day it was the same story for Frotzkoph. If the prisoner would not talk, the prisoner would be tortured for six hours straight, without food, water, or medical attention. From there, the General would be thrown into a bloody, dark and cold cell.

After the War was over, Jung had absolutely nothing to do except return to his little village. So one day he decided to move to America, because the economy in his country was anything but good. He wanted to start his own business and become rich. Lee was sick of the simple life, so he decided to become a business man.

So, the old torture artist flew into the United States with only a briefcase of unmarked bills, and the shirt on his back, where he spent months trying to find a prosperous place to start a business. Finally after many months of searching, he found the perfect town to settle in to. It was in a tiny hick town called Dwibe, Iowa.

None of this was easy for Jung. His English was very poor, and he had a hatred for Americans. To top it off, his business skills were even worse than his social skills. However, Jung kept his head up, and achieved his goal. He made the town prison which doubled as the Happy Meadow Meat Slaughtering Company.

The surrounding towns needed a prison, and a slaughter house sounded like a good idea to Jung. He took his idea to a building company, and the people of the town agreed to help Jung out if he would give them a fairly large amount of the profits made from the meat company. This business would prove to be a great success.

Doesn't this sound kind of suspicious to you? Well apparently it seemed fine to the other town's people. They had no clue as to what Jung Lee was up to. They knew about the prison, but not of how the meat company was directly related. All of the towns people assumed that their meat came from cows and chickens, but they were all mistaken. The citizens were even too ignorant to realize that the prisoners who entered the complex never came back out.

Even though Jung seemed strange to the inhabitants of the town, they welcomed him with open arms, because they needed the new economic opportunities.

There was only one person who didn't welcome Jung. It turns out that General Frotzkoph also lived in the town. Whenever the two enemies met, there were always fireworks and threats.

Lee never socialized with anyone in the town besides with a whore named Vanessa, with whom he had a filthy sexual relationship. Every other day, Vanessa would show up at Jung's office, where he would be waiting for her, sitting in his favorite chair, wearing nothing but a smoking jacket and smoking a pipe.

Other than Vanessa, he kept away from everyone else,especially Frotzkoph.

So, no one really knows anything about this stranger, except Frotzkoph, who doesn't hesitate to let his feelings about Lee be known. Only Frotzkoph knows the truth, and it makes Lee very nervous.

Frotzkoph loved to tell stories about Lee. Ones that were true, and others that were false. Citizens of Dwibe would assemble in herds to hear what The General had to say;

"When I was in the war, I was captured by the very same man who now lives in our town! He's a merciless man who has no soul! He would torture me for hours on end, and then leave me to suffer."

The stories interested the crowds, but no one really believed him, due to the fact that Frotzkoph used to tell other wild and UN true stories. The only person who spoke in Jung's defense was Vanessa, who was tricked into believing that the stories were false, and that Jung wasn't the same person Frotzkoph spoke of.

"He is a sweet man!" She suddenly burst out. The congregation of confused citizens turned to look at her.

"Mr. Lee is not the same person The General speaks of! Jung is a sweet and mis-understood old man. He couldn't have been responsible for any of the horrible things that Frotzkoph speaks of. It's all a big mistake."

These debates could go on for hours, just because the town liked to see two people argue so emotionally. No one else believed the Frotzkoph or Vanessa.. the truth is they didn't care one bit.