By Ben Martinek

Every morning it was the same thing, Frank Brown of Dwibe Idaho, crawled from his tent, and dragged it back up to the top of his slanted roof. Frank was a slave to routine, but so were all the other residents of his small town. Frank had incarcerated himself upon his roof for the majority of the past two years. It was said that ever since he pitched the tent on his roof, he hadn`t set foot inside his house. In fact, he only went down to buy groceries, and the latest U.F.O. sightings magazine. His house had been untouched ever since his abduction, which actually was the product of a phenobarbitol overdose. It put him out for almost 48 hours. He was having a sevire case of insomnia, and was perscribbed the drug. He was to take one pill an hour befor he went to bed. One night he felt extremely tired, and felt that it would be better to up his doseage. He took four pills and promptly passed out. At the time he was watching a speshal on alien obductions. For the next fourty-two hours he drempt of aliens. After that he couldn`t separate reality from his imaganation. Frank never had many friends, so really had no reason to come down. He was sure that the aliens would come back for him, and take him away from the corrupt world on which he was put. People tried to steer clear of Frank`s house when ever possible. A stench lingered about his house, a combination of his forgotten dog, which starved to death locked up in the house, and the fact that frank was forced to use the chimney as a toilet. Frank would always scare off passerbys with his babble of the end of the world being near. One day the local clown came and began to do her usual routiene. Frank hadn`t any friends, and when they came back for him, he didn`t want to miss any body. Frank hated the clown, Frank hated anything cheery. This clown was especially cheery.

" I don`t see why you are in such a good mood." Said frank

"I don`t see why you`re in such a bad one" She replied

"Go cheer up some ne else."

"No one else needs it as much as you do."

"Well then go get drunk or something." At that the regularly cheery clown ran off in tears. Frank didn`t feel good obseting people like that, but nor did he like scocalizing. Frank lived between Hans, a German war prisoner escapee, The Clown, who's name he was not sure of, And Mable, the town gossip. Recreation was hard to come by in Dwibe, especially when one is incarcerated on his roof. Frank mostly read and watched the skies, but he also got a sick pleasure out of watching the Clown get shit-faced every night. Hans always had some joke to play on frank, sometimes he would throw eggs at him, other times Hans him self would go on his own roof and taunt him. As it grew dark that night Hans went out on his balcony with a bottle of Jim Beam and began to taunt Frank.

"So, any UFOS in the sky tonight?" He would ask. Frank would try his best to ignore him. All f the sudden a disk shaped object flew by.

"Wait, you forgot me!" He yelled. Then he ran over to a red flag he had been waiting for so long to use. He madly flailed the flag in the air as another disk shaped object flew by "Stop, you forgot me!" All of the sudden Hans began to laugh. "See, I told you there were aliens." Frank yelled.

"Looks like this isn`t a designated stop!" Hans laughed as he picked up another trash can lid and hurled it over Frank`s house.

"What`s all the rucas about?" Yelled Mable from out her window.

"Nothing old woman, go back to bed!" Cried Hans. Just then a flying trash can lid flew through her window. Mable ran out of her house screaming at he top of her lungs. Hans and mable yelled for the better part of a half an hour. Then Mable walked back to her house mttering to herself. By now Hans was half passed out on his balcony next to an empty bottel of the Jim Beam. Frank pulled him self back to the top of his roof and gazed up at the stars. Frank hated Dwibe and

most of te people in it. One man didn`t get on his nervs, and that man was Mervin, who owned the hinkey-dinkey auto shop. Mervin was Franks old boss, and had won all of Frank`s admaration and respect. Mervin would often buy grocries for Frank, and felt very sorry for him.

At about ten o`clock Frank climbed into his tent and went to bed.