By Alex Krill


Eziquel woke up thinking that today was the perfect day to kill his father.

Chester was on his lap. Chester hadn't been himself since the accident. The orange and black tabby just sat there and stared with blank eyes that looked like marbles. When Eziquel would pet him he would just sit there and not move, like he was stuffed. He had named his cat Chester, after Chester Cheetah. He liked Cheetos. Eziquel got up from the old, green, clawed arm chair that he had found in his father's trash can. It smelled funny, but it was still comfy. Eziquel walked over to the bathroom, which was really just a corner, with a toilet without a seat and a broken mirror. He looked at himself in the spider webbed mirror. He was in his early forties and his head was bald. His teeth were crooked and tinted a light green, which probably caused his bad breath. Yet, he saw himself as a suave, good-looking, debonair man who was hard for any woman to resist. He was like his father, except he had a crooked nose and his ears were a little lopsided.

He put on a old ripped shirt with silk screened lettering which said, "I love cheese," and a pair of shorts. These shorts were really just a potato sack he had crudely fashioned into a pair of shorts. "I like Cheetos," he said as he looked at the shirt. He nodded to Chester and went over to the arm chair. He put his arm underneath the chair and pulled out the small black cylinder. He put on his coat, which he had also gotten our of his father's trash can, and walked out the door. He got into his old, rusted, automatic, two speed Gremlin, crossed the wires until he heard a feeble rattle, and went into town.

Eziquel arrived in town and went to the "Shots and Shoots". He wanted to see Vanessa. He liked Vanessa. He drove up the drive-through, that looked more like a lean-to than a drive-through. He pulled up to the window and saw her leaning over the counter. He could see cleavage. He like cleavage. He liked Vanessa, although he knew that this was the type of girl his father wouldn't approve of. "She's a filthy whore." he would say. He ordered a bottle of Tequila and a bottle of Daniel's. He hoped this would dull the pain of the task ahead of him. He wanted to talk to her, but didn't know what kind of response that he would receive. He gave her thirty-one dollars and nearly dropped the money on the ground when she bent over to take it. He took his liquor and drove off.

He went straight to the General Store. He knew that his father would be napping on the porch, and this was the time to do it. He was going to kill his father...

Years before he had found his father cheating on his mother with a prostitute. This was the final event in his mother's tragic life that caused her to put a gun to her temple and pull the trigger. The beatings and constant verbal abuse from his father had caused Eziquel to befriend his cat and find refuge in food. He had tried to end his father's life before, but had failed. Now was the time.

As Eziquel pulled up to the curb of the General Store he saw his father emerging from the doorway, probably after having his weekly storytelling session with some of the towns kids. He pulled out the small cylinder he had put in his pocket and a book of matches. As he drove by, he lit the cylinder and threw it at his father. It flew with deadly impact, striking the ground within inches of Sam's feet.

"Bang!" it exploded, waking Sam up.

"Dammit Eziquel!" Sam yelled, and walked into the store cursing and kicking the door frame. As Eziquel drove off there were spent Black Cat firecrackers on the ground in front of the area that Sam had been sitting. As he drove to his shack on the outskirts of town, there was only one thing on his mind,

"I want some Cheetos," he thought, "I like Cheetos."