By Derek


Old Sam walked toward the gerneral store. He stopped and waited about a block away from the store so he could see the entrance from a distance. He was waiting for his son, Ezequel, to come out from buying his Cheetos. Sam knew that this was around the time every month that his son tried to kill him, so you can understand why he didn't want to run into him. He did not have to wait very long though, his son usually only came out of the seclusion of his shack to get his precious cheesy poofs or to try and kill Sam. Sam watched as Ezequel hurried from the store running to get back to his shack on the edege of town. Sam waited till he was sure his son was gone, then he headed toward the store.

On the way, he walked passed Hans, the bartender at the Greasy Spoon. Sam glared after him. Sam had always believed that Hans was a Nazi, but he hadn't been able to prove it . (Sam had seen Nazis when he fought in the war and he could swear he recognized Hans). Sam headed into the store. The clerk waved hello to Sam almost unconsiously. Sam came into the store at around the same time every Thursday morning. Sam surveyed the store, looking around. Then he saw them in the far corner looking at the comic magazines. Sam slowly walked their way.

The five boys looked up excitedly as they saw Sam coming towards them. Sam said hello to the boys and the boys all chimed back "hello Mr. Cooper,"as they sat down on the floor gettting ready for what they knew was coming. Sam began to tell them one of his long stories about when he was younger. Sam told them he use to own a farm with a big cornfield. Then one day he started to hear voices that told him to build a baseball diamond. Everyone thought he was crazy, but he built that baseball field anyway. He thought that if he built the field, that his favotite baseball player, who was dead, would come and play on the field.

Sam said that when he finished building the field, the player did come-but no one else could see him. Then Sam told them about how the voices told him to go and find others to play on the field. Sam told them about how he went to the city and met the guy from Star Wars. Sam said he tried to hold the guy up with his finger so he could kidnap him. He also told about them kids about the two of them meeting a ghost who used to be a doctor and wanted to play on the field too. In the end there was a happy ending to the story though. Sam told them of how in the end he got to do what he really wanted to do with the field, play catch with his dead father.

The boys loved the story as usual. They told Sam how lucky he was that he had lived such an excitining life. As Sam was leaving, one of the boys yelled that he should write down the story so it could be made into a movie. As Sam left the store a shot rang out. A bullet hit the side of the building about a foot and a half from Sam's head. "Stop trying to kill me," Sam yelled as he saw Ezequel scamper away down the street.

Sam headed home. He was quite happy about the way his story went. He was happy to tell people of the great life he had led. On the way home he waved to everyone he saw on the street. Sam was very well liked in the town. Everyone knew him because he had sold the people of the town vinyl siding before he retired, and now almost everyone had vinyl siding on their home. The people of the town also loved Sam stories about when he was younger. Since there was no movie theater in Dwibe, the stories were the next best thing.

As Sam neared his house he saw a big fluffy cat resting on the side of the road. Sam went over and picked the cat up. "Nice kity," Sam said. "I'm going to take you home with me." When Sam got home he put the cat on the counter. "I'll be back in a second, just got to get something for you," Sam told the cat as he left the room. Sam dug around in a drawer untill he found what he was looking for. He came back into the room, in his had was a pair of shears.

"Out you go, your done now," Sam told the cat as he let him out the back door. The newly shaved cat bolted out the door and hurried away. Sam looked at the fur he now had and then walked over to the closet. He opened it and dozens of pairs of cat fur underwear fell out. Sam dug around in the pile until he found the scissors and a needle and thread. "This is going to be the best pair yet," Sam said to himself as he started working.