Dwibe, Iowa: Life Among the Grotesque

A project done by the students of Annisa Buttler in her class "Exposing the Human Grotesque" at New Vista High School

Disclaimer: the stories and their content have been written by high school students. Any opinions expressed in these materials are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of AgentSheets, Inc.

In 1839, a group of dim-witted pioneers decided to travel to California hoping to strike it rich. However when they got to Iowa, they were so lazy they decided not to go all the way to California. The town has an overall look of being incomplete. Homes are unfinished. Most store fronts need a second coat of paint and the early settlers of Dwibe never did get around to building the police station. So, the people kind of policed themselves. In addition to this unfinished look, they were too lazy to build complete structures. So to save time and energy, they created structures which served multiple purposes. Years later, a resident set up a vinyl sale's company so everyone's house has pastel colored siding.

The people of Dwibe are simple folks. They love, hate, fight and cry. Some of these people grew up in Dwibe, others have come from all parts of the world. On the surface, Dwibe looks like your typical small town, but underneath the surface of the variety of citizens who inhabit the town, there are secrets, lies and unrealized dreams. Journey with us now to Dwibe, Iowa in search of man and woman's hidden desires. Come with us as we expose the human grotesque.

Visit Dwibe and meet its inhabitants by running the applet below created by Aaron, Chris and John. Here are some instructions to operate the applet:

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