Inhabitants of Dwibe, Iowa

You can access these stories by using the simulation and navigating the character around town to get to each person's home or associated building.

Brandon Nazarco: a paranoid

Cletus: friend of Hank, the postal worker

Dora Mae: a young runaway girl with turrets syndrome

Eziquel: the son of Sam Cooper

Frank Brown: obsessed with UFOs

General Frotzcoff: a WWII veteran

Hank Delour: a post-office worker and killer

Hans: a bartender at the Greasy Spoon Saloon and war crime escapee

Helga Martin: a sumo wrestler

Ida: a lonely waitress at the Greasy Spoon Saloon

Irma: an old senile woman

Jung Lee: a psychopath prison warden and owner of the slaughter house

Mabel Johnson: a town gossip and church organist

Madame: the mysterious owner of the brothel

Mervyn: the owner of the Hinky Dinky gas station and father of 12 illegitimate children

Sally: a clown

Sam Cooper: the vinyl salesman

Vanessa Wood: the owner of the Shoots and Shots drive-through gun shop